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“… Best to remain practical in the physical world and to stop the mind as the source of information as it is the thing humanity have become that give value to money” – Bernard Poolman

Comment: “I find the scheme objectionable. They say “the goal is to establish equality on a basic physical level – equal housing and electricity, equal food and water, equal health care and equal education. But human individuals don’t have equal needs for these things, so the whole thing is a nonsense.”

Point 1.) It is clear common sense that EVERYONE has an equal requirement to eat, have clean drinking water and accommodation – that is simply a justification only possible being made from someone who already has money. This is a justification of abuse.

QUESTION: “What exactly do they mean by equal money like exchange rates between countries or all money has the same value between bills?” 

Point 2.) Equal money is a political and financial solution of creating a base-line support where all supports all equally here. It is not based on the continuation of the current political or economic systems, but on the discontinuation of such in a practical and sustainable way – thus the foundation of the EMS is a practical and mathematically based consideration of what is best for all, at fundamental physical level – thus no ideology – simply common sense – For example: it is best for all that all has clean drinking water – thus clean drinking water for all is now a priority within the political system and funds are being directed towards ensuring this point. Another example: it has been mathematically proven that there is in deed enough food for all in the world, yet over 1 billion people are dying from birth to death – this can be understood and solved within the principle of equality where 1 + 1 = 2.

QUESTION: “Why do we need to have a money system? it [money system]will only create inequality. Equality = we all have equal right and responsibility to the earth and its resources.” 

Point 3.) we require to take self-responsibility for the systems we’ve created to manage our lives – if we were to simply abolish the money-system, another system of inequality would emerge because we would not have changed the foundation of the problem, which is ourselves as human beings and how we exist in abdication of equal self-responsibility for what is here, in and as this world and in and as ourselves as human beings.

Point 4. ) Equality is not to debate – half the world’s population is suffering, not to mention animals and all other lifeforms, because of what we as humans have allowed. What is most important here is not our perceived individual happiness, opinions or freedom – What is important and vital is that we stop accepting and allowing ourselves to be governed by systems of abuse and inequality. The EMS provides such a solution where the focus is not on mental ideologies of contrast, but on physical, tangible and substantial proof – what is best for all cannot be denied as it is… what is best for all.By: Anna Brix Thomsen

The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections.

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