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Atheists… are Believers. That’s right! You heard it – Atheists are some of the world’s most faithful and fundamentalist believers. Why? How? Let me explain: What do the atheists believe in?

That the Christians are WRONG!

The belief of atheism was created (according to folklore and holy scripts on national geographic) as a counter-reaction towards the notion of a separate creator. Atheists believe that a big cosmic orgasm, as the result of a love-fest between protons and neutrons and what have you not, is the origin of life – and not like that silly story of… the love-fest between Adam and Eve.

Atheists enjoys getting together with friends and family, celebrating their proud atheists traditions passed down from father to son, of debating with superior spite towards those believers of a more “ethereal” kind that they consider beneath their paygrade.

The atheists were brave men and women fighting against the oppression of believing in god. There might not be a god in the faith of atheism (which states that everything created itself, just because it did – which is actually one of the more common-sensical atheist beliefs) – however the atheists do believe that there is only true faith: science.

The true, righteous atheist must have no other practices than that of science as it has been taught by the holy forefathers of math and biology and must never change and always be the same. Like everyone else, atheist scientists believe in money first and foremost,being willing to take on any task, like Oppenheimer’s small bomb or the guy who invented breast-implants.

The atheists with their firm faith in science are certainly not responsible for the failure of oil-spill, or why products are being invented that pollute and contaminates the planet, that could easily be built in support of life, or why only medicine that ease the pain of the obese westerners is being developed and researched into at universities and in private labs.

Why? Because it is the Christian’s fault. (Perhaps atheists are really the minions of the Christians and we wonder why no atheist has ever been a world-leader?)

At Desteni we are REAL atheists. No god – yet we stand responsible for our creation. No after-life. We’ve got enough on our hands in this life.We realize that this life, this earth, this breath, is all we’ve got, there is no one else here, nothing else is here – and that what is here is what matters, not the idea of what is here. Everyone is here equally.

All life is equal in fact – same molecules, same particles. Therefore we realize that we must take responsibility for what is here and live the solutions that are best for all, based on the simplistic equation of equality – 1 + 1 = 2 and it is really… as simple as that

Investigate The Desteni I Process for a re-education of humanity to common sense, self-honesty and equality.

Article first published as Are Atheists The Most Faithful Believers? on Technorati.