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We must as humans firstly understand that we are existing within and as annihilation of Life – and thus in separation from and annihilation of ourselves as life equally. Therefore – we require a total re-education of ourselves – of human nature – where we change the starting-point of how we exist. For example being aware and responsible for every movement and every action we take, aware of it’s implications and consequences and direct ourselves according to what is Best for all.

Best for all as in practical, physical reality – as in: it is best for all that everyone has clean drinking water.  And by “all” we mean all life – animals, air, plants, inanimate objects, bugs – however firstly we must walk the process of standing equal with each other, so that we can change the systems that is here, because of who we’ve allowed ourselves to be and become – that is here AS who and what we’ve allowed ourselves to be and become.  We cannot simply cure the symptoms – we’ve gotta cure the root of the problem, which is ourselves as humanity in it’s entirety. Investigate Desteni and what we stand for – because we present a solution that each can apply for themselves, as themselves.