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The following is an example of human nature at it’s worst and it serves as a mirror for all of us to deliberately place in front of our own eyes, not as a reminder, but as a wake-the-fuck-up-call to see and realize that there is nothing remotely humane about humanity as it currently exists.

The story in a few words:

In the North of Africa and in the East of Europe, many people are living in grim poverty and because of that, are forced to move to other countries and try to make money, either to make a living for themselves or to send money home to support their families. This is the raw unfiltered reality for thousands of people who daily try to make a living in the wealthy West and North Europe.

Denmark, one of the smallest and most wealthy countries in the North of Europe, declared last week that it has officially decided to close its borders, in direct violation of the Schengen agreement[i] Danish politicians are defending the decision:

 “This is to ensure that the darker sides of the VERY POSITIVE free movement do not strike so hard as they do” says Danish minister of immigration and integration Soeren Pind

“Denmark is “cracking down” on transnational crime” says Justice of Minister Lars Barfoed

“Denmark must be a safe country and we will do everything that is possible to combat the rising crime from abroad,” Barfoed said. “It will otherwise not impede the free crossing of borders by citizens and businesses.”

President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, says that he has “grave concerns” that Denmark’s plan would hinder the smooth functioning of Europe’s single market.

It is clear to see what the priorities are here – we do not even have to read between the lines, to see that the reason to keep the borders open is and has been to allow “the market to flow smoothly”, while the point of allowing people to travel freely and to adhere to the basic human rights, is seen as an inconvenience.

Already some 270 million kroner ($52 million) have been found by the Danish goverment (in the midst of an ongoing recession) to rebuild the tolls and border controls that was removed when the Schengen agreement was agreed upon.

It is also clear that it is NOT transnational crime or human trafficking that is the reason for Denmark suddenly spending so much money on closing its borders. Over the last ten years more and more immigrants and refugees from all over the world has been migrating to Europe and after the events in Tunisia and Libya, the fear is that they will flood the wealthier countries with needs and demands of having their human rights adhered to.

What is ‘fascinating’ is that these rich countries and their politicians who promotes free market capitalism, are not willing to deal with (read: stand accountable and responsible for) the consequences of such a system, where human beings are treated as inconvenient waste-products in the movement of merchandise and thus come to live and act like waste-products (the politicians call them criminals), because they have no other alternatives are they to survive and feed their children, let alone themselves.

Let’s Consider this for ourselves with the mirror of self-reflection at hand: if you were told that your life was illegal, if all the looks you got from people on the street were looks of fear and suspicion, if you could not go to a doctor out of fear of being deported, how long would it take, before you would accept yourself as an illegal and start acting illegally to survive?

And while we have the mirror of self-reflection at hand: who would we be were we those politicians who would do anything to keep the borders closed and only open them as long as it serves the movement of free trade? What kind of humanity is that and where do we recognize it from our own experiences?

Because I guarantee you that I recognize this and if you’re self-honest, you do too – It is a conglomeration of self-perseverance justification and greed topped with the fear of loosing, wealth and luxurious privileges, because we know deep down that our “good fortune” is not a matter of luck or hard word (on our part) – but an accumulation of inequality, that we have accepted and allowed as long as we got something out of it. And the realization required after that pill of bitterness have been swallowed is that it is time to stop. No one is illegal and borders are bullshit fences to justify the continuation of inequality.

This is not the face of madness, fear and desperation of a another world coming knocking on our door. It is the madness, fear and desperation that is ourselves which we can longer deny or hide from and which we can only solve, through facing ourselves within and as the face of madness, fear and desperation as ourselves.

If this is the mirror of humanity, humanity: then it is time to face up and see who we really are. And if this is who we really are, then it is time to change who we really are to someone that we can face in the mirror with self-dignity and self-respect. That solution is here and it is possible for each to participate and take responsibility for this entire mess that we’ve all become. The solution is simplistic: to live the principle of equality as that which is in fact best for all.

Principles are Lies – if they are not Lived.

If principles are not lived, then we are living a Lie.

Support an Equal Money System

and Live the Principles of Human Rights,

Where everyone has an Equal Right

To a Dignified Life.

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[i] The agreement was made almost thirty years ago by most of the European countries, where it was decided to remove all borders and border controls so that Europeans could travel freely between the countries of Europe.