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The Ivory Coast or Côte d’Ivoire sounds like a place where people have a lot of money, or at least a lot of Ivory. That is however not the case, because the country is appropriately named after the thousands of elephants that were killed  by man, for their tusk and their tusk alone- And in the Ivory Coast there is two men, two men who has made a lot of money on other people’s pain and who fight each other for the power of the people. It does not really matter who they are or even where they’re is from – because this takes place every day in all the countries of the world.

People are dying in the Ivory Coast.

This particular fight in the Ivory Coast is between two men and their followers and they are fighting because they both want to have power over the country and are killing people to get it.

“The violence in Duekoue happened last week, when Mr Outtara’s fighters moved south ousting Mr Gbagbo’s troops from large swathes of the country. Both sides have said the other was responsible.”[1]

People have no choice or possible actions to take than to both fight and accept one of these two assholes as their leader, or to run from their homes, their crops and their animals to survive as refugees – which are what thousands have already done.

To say that it is a fight between political ideologies and that at least one of them has the people of the Ivory Coasts best interest at heart, is delusional. Because anyone that is willing to allow people to Die and starve, so that he can have all the power – does not do so with political motives. It seems like the word political and politician has become an accepted synonym with power-hungry psychopaths and dictators that, as long as they’re wearing suits and speaking the politician-lingo, are considered acceptable as leaders by the international community.

The incapability of the International Community

The UN that is one of the only International organizations licensed to act on behalf of humanity as the “international community” has “stepped in asking the internationally-backed president, to kindly investigate why hundreds of people are being killed by his supporters.

This shows how far the UN will go in setting an example and a standard for where and how far our ”humanity” as a whole reaches out to each other as neighbors, brothers and sisters in and of this world. It is all politics they say, as justification – the lobbyism and getting on a president’s good side to ensure access to the country for the UN troopers that “are there to help”. They are thus also standing guard for more than 40 thousand Ivory Coast citizens that has taken refugee at a church  but that is the limit of the abilities or power of the UN – which is quite atrocious considering how much political power they are supposed to have and especially within how we leave the Responsibility to these organizations.

Good Conscience?

As citizens of each country we can thus with “good conscience” say that situations of crisis in countries like The Ivory Coast or Haiti or Japan is taken care of by the International Community and do not consider to actually look at and investigate for ourselves if the aid and work of the UN is sufficient, effective or relevant for what is going on in these countries. And obviously the UN would lose money, jobs and power, were they to admit that they’re not capable of being the world’s nanny, watchdog and peacemaker.

Meanwhile the citizens of the Ivory Coast are being massacred by their own neighbors and have to run for their lives into the forests and across borders into Liberia. In Liberia the citizens of the Ivory Coast are welcomed into the houses of the local Liberians, but with thousands still running from the gunfire, the Liberian people are having a hard time providing shelter for all these people.

Freeze the frame

Let’s stop Here for a moment – Take a Breath and look at this: The Liberians are inviting the citizens of the Ivory Coast into their own homes, giving them their own food and letting them sleep in their own beds. When have we seen the Italians doing that for the Albanians? Or the Spanish for the Angolans or the British for the refugees from all parts of the World? The Liberian people are not rich like the European’s, quite the contrary actually and still they’ve invited the citizens of a neighboring country in war, into their homes. Jesus said to Love thy Neighbor as thyself, but who is actually living these words and walking in the shoes of Jesus, even amongst those calling themselves Christians?

There is a clear inclination that the wealthier a country and the wealthier its citizens become, the more they tend to only take care of and care for-  “their own”. France is for example sending troops to the Ivory Coast, but not to assist the citizens of the Ivory Coast, but specifically to protect French citizens that are in the country, many of them rich farmers, whose farms are being looted as a consequence of the civil war.

It seems as a part of the Human system that the more money we have, the more we fear to loose them and the more we’ll close ourselves off with our families in fortresses of private schools and planes and gated communities where we – if we have enough money – never will have to come face to face with any form of suffering.

The citizens of the Ivory Coast are not so lucky

Koulah Olivier Kouidé, an Ivorian who with his family has fled to Liberia, says:

“Despite all the difficulties, we have reached Liberia. But the families helping us cannot afford to feed us.

“There is no shelter, no clothing, no water and we are still mourning the deaths of two children. Now, I don’t know what to do. We are asking the international community to help us in any way that they can.”

Good Neighbors are hard to find

So far it has been their Liberian neighbors that have reached out and helped them, in spite of their own food and water running out. In other wars of other times, it has been the Liberians who have fled to the Ivory Coast, but now the food is running out and more than 100.000 has fled cross the border already.

It is time to wake ourselves up, shake ourselves up to see and realize that there is no effective International Community – There are no Christians that are truly living by the word of Jesus. And this is not gonna be solved by humanitarian organization coming to the aid or the people of the Ivory Coast – or by any of us feeling guilty or blaming each other for what is going on.

Greed and Self-Interest

What is required is that we look at what the root of the situation is – which is quite simplistically that two men are fighting over the power of a country, because they’re both greedy and wants lots of money. This is not the first country or the first two men to be in this positions. As Human beings we do this all the time – compromise the wellbeing of the whole for our own Self-Interest. Here it is simply an extreme example.

The Ones that DID reach out to each other and treated their neighbors as themselves, were the people of the Ivory Coast and the Liberians. They do not have much money, food or water, but they share what they have.

Who’s responsible? – Don’t look at me!

Whether we believe in the second coming of Christ or a unified International Community, it is clear that by placing faith and responsibility in others, we are also saying that we can wait for the world to change by itself, that we are actually quite satisfied as we are living – and why? Because we have money.

This is only possible once if you have money. The people of the Ivory Coast are not in lack of money because they are lazy, unlucky, unblessed or because they have a bad corrupt government that creates war. Many rich countries also have bad, corrupt governments that create war.

So the actual root of the problem is not in the Ivory Coast itself or its political problems. The root is not in these two specific mean, who both wants the same power. On the contrary – these points are merely reflections of the entire big picture as well as of the constitution of every human’s mind.

The Root of the problem is a rotten core

We have manifested our greed, self-interest, fighting to survive through competing with others within and as an unequal money-system based on false hopes and promises that everyone equally participate in, because each have invested themselves in the game and hope to win. One of the problems is that those that is winning this game, of who has most money and thus most power in the world, are not doing a very good job at giving back to the world what they have won.

On the contrary:  every oil hole is being sucked dry, every lobster is being caught in the net and every human being is left without dignity or worth – because we’re living in a world that is producing worthlessness and through the system of deception and its brutal justification of its own motive to survive at all costs, we accept to believe that what we do, what we eat and who we are is of worth, exactly because we too exists as that system of fighting to win at all costs.

The people in the Ivory Coast are our neighbors and so is everyone else and if we started treating them as we’d wanna be treated, the world would change more rapidly than we could have ever imagined.

But currently – we’re stuck with the fighting ego’s and the deception of a greater power taking  responsibility that everything is gonna be alright if we just wait long enough. And we are stuck like this because this is who we’ve accepted ourselves as. It does not take many moments of Self-Honesty to see that we have ourselves too, participated in and created not only the division between people  but equally wars with and inside ourselves.

So how do we Change the world?

To change the systems of the world to systems of Equality that is based on the Practical Solution of What is Best for All in fact, requires for us to change ourselves to even be able to accept and live in such a system. The self-compromise and deception has been our every day life for so long that we require a major remodeling and renovation of our inner and outer world, before we’re even able to change ourselves.

This is what we with an Equal Money System are here to Change.

This is the first economic system in the world that both supports life and at the same time provides the investor with a safe life, free of fears and worries due to the revolutionary ”Eco-system” structure – that ensures that all are cared for Equally.

The EMS is a completely new financial system that is based on entirely different rules than any system that currently exists. We are not required to print new money or utilize taxes – because the money is already Here – They are simply being channeled and distributed ineffectively in a way that is NOT best for all. So many industries are existing in spite of life – in abuse of life – only to make money – so what we gotta do is to invest in a real solution – a financial ECO-system that is sustainable and as perfect as nature in providing everyone with Equal Care – Investigate the Desteni I Process that is and you will that it is in fact practically applicable.

In the EMS we combine Financial Freedom with a Re-Education of Ourselves to Self-Empowerment and Self-Authority so that we never again will have to Compromise, Suppress and Enslave ourselves to Exist – So that we no more have to Live in Fear of Not having Money.

How can I Participate?

We are simply taking the principles of nature’s equilibrium as an eco-system, where there is always enough for everyone and re-create it as a financial system. How it works practically, is initially through the creation of a financial “eco-system” on a micro-scale, meaning with a small, yet stable amount of Humans – a group of people that through their investment and participation become able to exist and have their basic needs covered through the support of others that are Equally supporting. This is based on the same principle for everyone participating – of Equality and What is Best for all, until eventually and through political tools, everyone on Earth is able to agree and participate in an Equal Money System. The Process to get there, we call The Desteni I Process. The first step within this is for each of us to connect with each other as 1 + 1 + 1 +1 until we stand as a group that can work together towards financial freedom for all human beings. We do that through social networking on the internet, through blogging, vlogging and connecting to all the people that are willing and ready to stand and walk with us. Each thus becomes an investor in a free and safe future, in a free and save life, first by taking care of their own life – through investing in the Desteni I Process and become financially independent and from there supporting others to do the same – where we, as we walk – re-educate ourselves to become sovereign Beings that can be trusted with Life.

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