The following story is an example of the holographic nature of our world, where everything that is Here, reveals to us who we are – yet where we see, believe and experience the world as Separate from us – as something that we are not Responsible for – wherein we loose ourselves in the lostness of our own minds – as Fear in Separation – as the fuzzy logic of the Mind, where we Fear losing ourselves – even though we are  Here.

The Danish media has during the last week been in frenzy over the story about a 3 year old boy who went missing in the woods last Sunday.

At first the story focused on the sensation and possible crime committed in the hours after the boys disappearance – then moved onto to focusing on the Fear of the parents to the 3 year old and how they experienced themselves during the hours of the boys disappearance.

At last the boy was discovered after a cold night in the woods and ever since, the national papers have been full of stories about the boy. One of the big national papers even had in their headline a story about how the boy had thought that it was his mother was the one missing and not him. Everyone was  amazed by the fact that the boy was calm and collected and how he had explained to his parents that they had been the ones missing – not him.

This is fascinating, as it is revealing a point of how we have accepted Separation as completely natural and how we will find it extraordinary and sensational to hear about a child that did not experience fear or who did not experience himself missing – simply because he is Here.

Fear and Separation has become our “natural” way of existing to the point, where we cannot even Conceive that it is possible to exist in any other way – and the only Beings that might have a different experiences, are the children who have not yet been enveloped and consumed by fear as Separation. But actually – the fact that the boy did not experience himself missing, because he was still Here – show us that there is “something” that we are “missing” – which is ourselves Here – and not in and as the Mind as Fear and sensational stories.

Another point, wherein we Expose ourselves to ourselves within such a story and how it is told, is how the Danish media focused on this story from Denmark having reached “all the way” to CNN and one newspaper wrote about how the story about the missing boy had been number 1 on CNN’s most read story for two days and how it had beaten stories about the nuclear break in Japan and Nato’s attack on Gadafi, in popularity. The paper goes on to describing how may people have recommended the story on Facebook and that over 500 people commented on CNN.

Perhaps the Dane’s as “a nation” perceive and accept themselves as inferior to the rest of the world, within being a small country of only 6 million citizens  – accepting that “we” as a nation, must compete with other countries, our news papers with other news papers, and our stories with other stories – to survive. However this is how the world operates – it is not really about being Danish or a small country. That is simply a justifying motivation as a Collective Back-Chat or Mind-Possession that the entire country as represented by the media, participate within, as and from: Competition as the basis for Survival. No matter what we do or what we participate within, we fight each other to survive.

Another point that is even more revealing into the nature of Man, is discussed by an expert in the use of internet at Aarhus University, Jakob Linaa Jensen, who explains that stories about missing children appeals to people’s emotions and that everyone is happy because the boy was found, which makes it a “pleasurable” topic to talk, blog and comment about.

He says: “it is an uncontroversial topic, but also an emotional topic and therefore it is a lot easier to relate to than complicated topics, like Denmark’s participation in the war against Gadafi”

This reveals that we will participate and support stories that makes us feel good – which support how we want to see the world and experience ourselves – and that we see the world by large – as separate from us, as complicated, big and uncomfortable.

Therefore a story about a small boy being found, will “touch our hearts” – because we essentially experience ourselves as missing. It shows how we will be touched by the story of the mother who was paralyzed with fear, because we ourselves – exist paralyzed in fear. This is the projective and holographic nature of the world: Everything we experience “inside” creates what is “outside” and everything we see “outside” ourselves is a reflection of “who we are” “inside”. Except there are no “sides” – the World is Round.

On the other hand, we will not relate or associate ourselves to a mad-man dictator or a war that kills people, or the fact that people are starving from the birth to death – in fact, we’d rather pretend that they don’t exist. Because we do not Dare to Face ourselves within and as that – as the mad dictators of our own minds at war with ourselves and with Life.

And so – we wrap ourselves within stories that give us comfort, which makes us feel like winners – because we simply don’t Dare Facing ourselves – as the entirety of this world. We keep ourselves Separated from it – at a nice comfortable distance and only when it is ourselves that are “touched” by disaster and unfairness, do we realize that we too – are a part of everything that goes on in this world – that we are also not “untouchable”.

We do not even Realize that WE ARE the news and the stories that we decide to publish and focus upon reveal to us how and where we do and do not Dare to look at ourselves.

We’re literally “missing” from our own Equation – The Equation being the World in its entirety, scattered into bits and pieces of information, that we, in rich and luxurious countries such as Denmark, can selectively choose as news-worthy and relevant to our lives – or not.

Except we’re Missing that Everything that is Here, is relevant to our Lives – because no matter how hard we try avoiding it – we are All Here together and we’re all collectively – within what we Participate within and as, what we give attention and value to, Creating the World as it Exists today.

What we’re missing is to Realize that we Fear being Here – so much so, that we will find it sensational that a Child lost in the woods for a night, does not.

Humanity has lost its marbles and has gotten lost within the Wilderness of the Mind as Fear – in Separation of and from ourselves as the Whole that is Here as Who we are. It is time to realize that there is nothing to find – except that which is already Here – which is Who we are as Life – as All that we Accept ourselves as, in and as this World.

And we’re too busy counting sheep in the clouds of the mind, just to avoid Facing our own Fear – that we do not See that we are What’s missing from the Equation.

It is possible to Face our own Fear – It is possible to Stop Existing in Fear – It is possible to Stand up from within and as the lostness in and of the Mind.

Let’s Dare to be Self-Honest and to Face that Fact that we’re not Lost – That we were Never lost – because we are Here – as Everything and Everyone that is Here – as Who we Are.

Join The Process of Standing up in Self-Honesty and Self-Responsibility – Let’s Re-Educate ourselves to Face What is Here – to End the Enslavement of Existing within Fear through which we are Creating this World in total Separation from and of Ourselves – so that we may Birth Life from the Physical and never again loose ourselves in the lostness of our own Minds.