A Practical Example of what happens when No One takes Responsibility: Nothing.

I have been busy working with someone on a project, where we work together on a document,, where we are required to divide the work between us, before we begin.

What happened was, that first one of us asked the other to divide the document and decide which part to take on, then the other one sent a mail back saying: “I don’t mind, you decide”. Then the first person sent another mail back saying: “It’s okay, you decide and let me know”.

When I saw this after the fourth mail – I could not stop laughing – because of the ridiculousness in it – and I Realized that neither of us actually wanted to take Responsibility for the point and instead pushed it onto the other, concealed as a courtesy.

And what I Realized is – that this is exactly what happens in this World – where nothing gets done, because people push the Responsibility onto someone else.

LOL – Quite the Fuck-up.

After that I obviously took Direction of the point and let my colleague know that I will divide the work – what else is there to do? Keep sending emails of Self-Abdication back and forth, until the World Ends?

Nope – Stand up – Stand Self-Responsible for All that is Here – because if We don’t do it – Who Will?

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