Self-Forgiveness on Polarity Relationships revealed through Back Chat

This is a Self-Forgiveness video by Bella which I Share Here because it is of Great Support

“Self-Forgiveness on Inner-Experience & Back-Chat exposed = Bringing it back to Self:
After a short intro ( – 2:00 ), this Self-Forgiveness session is focusing primarily on projections within relationships and the polarity point of ‘fear of loss’ & ‘desire to possess’ — looking also at what the acceptance of such point within self is globally allowing within the world-system as a whole.

Self-Forgiveness is a self-willed application of self-responsibility — wherein I allow myself to see ‘me’ as what I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and define myself as; and to look at practical steps / alignments required to dignify myself as equal of life : Self-Dignity.

Any recurring ‘experience’ is based in past/accumulated definitions I have accepted to determine my reality; therefore, such ‘experiences’ coming-up are literally like ‘programs’ activated through particular external ‘stimuli’ such as words or visuals or situations/constellations — not any different to giving a computer program a particular code, an instruction, and expecting it to open or access or activate particular data = a particular behaviour.
So what I am actually ‘experiencing’ is my own behaviour!

Now — if you wanna crack the program, you have to ‘know’/’see’ the program. Pretending that the program is not there will not making it go away. What we resist, persists –
and therefore I rather look directly at what comes up within self and direct the point as myself according to what I will accept and allow myself to be.
Stopping must come from an understanding of what it is I am stopping.
In self-honesty, I am able to see the patterns/the instructions I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in and the equations/programs I have accepted as ‘real’ — my accepted & allowed nature. I understand that any ’emotional reaction’ or ‘mental state’ is a form of back-chat, because if I look, I will find the thoughts that ‘explain’ and ‘justify’ it, which means that in such ‘moments’, there is a dominant/dominating persona/personality believing these thoughts to be real, identifying with these thoughts & emotions and taking-over the directive-principle of self as the mind, to ‘justify’ the particular ‘self-experience’ —
which obviously is unacceptable.

And thus I forgive myself and I start to here and now direct my existence in self-responsibility, because I have committed myself to walk this process for life and be/become equal with and as life in all ways.
I start directing Myself in self-responsibility. And through self-honesty, I am able, as each one is able, to use ‘self-experience’ as a reference point — not accepting myself to be stuck in any mind-set / mood / emotional-trap, and not allowing any external impulses to define, direct or determine ‘who I am’; but rather, immediately when I become aware of such ‘traps’ = to work on directing the point until self-clarity is here as me, and I am here, self-directed and self-determined, standing equal as one, as who I am as life.

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Bella Bargilly – Thank you Bella For Sharing!