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A Shock wave has hit Brazil after a 14 year old child was shot by police officers. An amateur movie shows pictures of the five officers surrounding the petrified boy outside his house in the town Manuas, pushes him up against a wall and then shoots him five times point blank.

The movie was shot last August but the boy’s family was too afraid of the authorities to press charges against the officers. The boy survived the shots after ten days treatment at a hospital, but neither he, the person who shot the movie nor a journalist to whom the movie was shown, dared to come out with what had happened.

They were afraid that the police would retaliate and the family even moved away from the area out of fear. Only when the person who had shot the movie, handed it over to the Brazilian media, did the case begin.

According to the district attorney, the officers have explained that they were investigating a case about an illegal weapon in the area where the boy lived. It is still unclear why the officers shot at the boy. However when looking at the movie and the pictures of the petrified boy, it is clear that he did not pose any threat whatsoever to the officers.

To Protect and Serve?

The officers have been arrested, but no charges have been filed. The boy and his family are now under protective custody. District attorney Joao Bosco Valente says: “The officers have completely disregarded the most basic foundation of police work: To protect the people.”

An unarmed child was shot, point blank by five adult law enforcement officers. What this shows is that the people and institutions that we have created to protect us, is failing miserably at the task. Why? a Money-System based on inequality where those in positions of law enforcement suffer with Poor wages, long working hours and insufficient education. This is not even mentioning the reasons behind why people commit crime in the first place.

It happens Every Day

It has moreover become an everyday occurrence that the Brazilian police shoots and kills people. A former police ombudsman, Professor Julita Lemgruber says in a BBC interview that:

“in the state of Rio alone, the police killed 983 people last year. The figure is similar for Sao Paulo.” “You couldn’t really investigate complaints because you knew there was this curtain of silence that was always present,

She furthermore believes that:  “the police are free to act with impunity.”

It happens  Everywhere

This does not only happen every day in Brazil, but in countries all over the World.  It is clear that the systems and institutions we have build to serve and protect us, are not capable of doing so. This is first of all due to a Money-System through which it is everyone for himself and against everyone else, and it doesn’t matter whether you are an underpaid cop or a gangster. Is it is completely atrocious that a family has to seek protective custody and even leave their home out of fear of being harmed by the very people that there placed there to protect and serve them.

The Fight to Survive

When people have to fight each other to Survive, they get desperate and even though this is not an excuse for what happened, it shows how we have to Change the way our money and political Systems function. If we are not able to trust that the law is Equal for everyone and that no one can abuse their position of power, how are we able to trust the law enforcement personal to protect us?

It is clear that our Political systems are both corrupt and corrupted because everyone is concerned with their own survival first and foremost and thereby there is not even a system to protect people against the crimes of the police as the politicians are as corrupt as the criminals they legislate against.

How do we Change the World Systems?

A New Direction is RequiredWith a New Directive: To Support All Life in Dignity and Equality, where we Care for our neighbors as ourselves and stop living in the fear of not Surviving or in the Fear of losing what we have.

We must build our systems and institutions on a Solid Foundation with a Clear Starting-Point based on the Principle of What is Best for All. Currently the systems are build on laws that protect those with money and with loopholes where those who know how to play the game, can exploit others in the name of the law as “justice”. The systems are based on the basic assumption that everyone must fight for themselves and no laws does in Fact Protect anyone against poverty or corruption.

Changing The Starting-Point

Within Changing our Starting-Point from having phony “rights” with which we pretend to ourselves and each other that there is some form of “justice”  and overly complicated bureaucratic procedures, to a System that is Based on Real Care – We can ensure that those placed in management-positions are always held accountable and in fact there to protect and serve the people.

The Equal Money Solution

With an Equal Money System, we will first of All ensure that everyone gets Access (read: Access – not “rights”) to the Basic necessities of Clean water, Food, Shelter and Education – from Birth to Death. It might sound Utopian, Impossible, maybe even “socialistic” for some – but it is in Fact Common Sense that if Everyone has Equal Access to the resources on Earth, Everyone’s Living Standards are heightened and thus the entire World’s population will benefit from it.

And it is Practically possible as there already is enough food on the planet to feed everyone. It is the Systems with which we currently manage ourselves, that are based on inequality, fear and self-interest, that are making it seemingly “impossible”.

A System of Care-Actors

To know that no matter what there is a System in place that takes Care of us, at the most Basic Fundamental and Practical level, will make it possible for us to Stop Living in Fear of not Surviving. Thus we will be able to Stop fighting each other and people in positions such as politicians will not be in their positions to gain power or more money – but because they have something Valuable to bring to the table. This is because The Equal Money System will be based on Practical Solutions, not on ideologies or self-defense.

Furthermore – the Equal Money System will be based on the Principle of Equality as what is Best for All. What is Best for All means what is Best for all at a Physical and Fundamental level and thus cannot be tampered with or bend to someone’s self-interest – otherwise it is not Best for All.

In an Equal Money System, a situation like the one in Brazil will not be Accepted – as the Systems we placed to take Care of us, will in Fact do so, and if not, be replaced by one that will.

Join the Process for an implementation of a Global Equal Money System for the End of Corruption and Governmental Systems that does not Serve the people.

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This article was written based on an article in the Danish newspaper Politiken and an BBC article about Brazilian Police