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On Mental Illness and Psychiatry – My Father’s Story – What will Change with The Equal Money System?

In October of 1989 my father died at a mental hospital after an untreated influenza and unspecified heart problems. This is his story.

My father was a psychologist and was, before his disease, an esteemed counselor and author with an interest in dream analysis and psycho therapy. My father was diagnosed with Manic Depressive or Bipolar disorder – He got the diagnosis a few years before I was born and no one really knows how or why he became bipolar, except for speculations about it being caused by him having had polio as a child or a traumatic experience when he was two years old. When I was born, he was in a manic period and right after my birth he went into a severe depression. He tried to commit suicide many times, one more extreme than the other.

On one occasion my mother found him on the attic naked in the winter trying to freeze himself to death. In his manic periods where he would feel like the king of the world and do the most crazy and outrageous things, such as setting his apartment on fire so that he would be incarcerated, simply because he wanted to experience what it was like to be in prison. Or he would order a thousand doughnuts and have them flown to a wedding in a helicopter across the country. Obviously for my mother this was not easy, raising a small child, while taking care of a sick husband.

The Psychiatric hospital

When I was four years old, he was admitted to a mental hospital against his will, due to the apartment fire incident where he was considered a danger to himself by the police. After he was admitted to the mental hospital, I saw him only one time before he died. I remember walking down the avenue towards the hospital that was situated on the countryside, with big trees on each side of a long straight road towards the hospital at the end. I remember a woman screaming as we entered the building. I was six years old.

My father was often strapped to his bed or heavily medicated and he would write letters and drawing to me about his experiences, sometimes lucid, sometimes writing in code or with trembling hands that conveyed onto paper as nonsense . While admitted, he started a union between the patients, to speak up for their rights and he would often be the cause of uprisings in the hospital.

Doped and Medicated – Uppers and Downers

He was given lots of medication, but none of it made a difference in his condition, he seemed to be getting worse every day. He was treated with electroshock (this was the early 80´s), where they would specifically target the right side of the brain to inhibit his emotional and creative cognition. My mother have told me how he, after these treatments, had no memory, couldn’t remember his own name or what day it was. Amongst the drugs he was treated with was Seranace, also known as Haloperidol which is known for its severe side effects and especially the damage it can cause on the heart. As a consequence of all the medicine he gained lots of weight and were then given “uppers” when he was depressed and “downers” when he was manic.

Psychiatrists are fumbling in the dark

The doctors basically did not know how to treat him and thus tried every drug possible on him, until he finally died. For my mother this was the most frustrating: that there was a system, that was seemingly taking care of my father, yet they could give her no answers and no support. She experienced it as though they did not want to admit that they did not know what to do. This is only but an example of thousands around the world, where mentally ill are misdiagnosed and mistreated, because of a system that is incapable of treating them.

My father was definitely very ill, his condition quite severe and he would have most likely harmed himself or others, had he not been admitted. But this is also an example of how we place our faith and trust in a system that is supposed to have the answers, to protect us and keep us safe, while the people working in that system as the professionals and experts does not Actually know what they are doing – and unwilling to admit that, because this is all we got.

The Money-System the cause of Mental Illness?

Someone once told me that 95% of all diseases are caused by the way our system works and that only a minute few are actual physical and structurally diseases, like a flaw in the design. If this is so, is the system itself not the disease? And if that is so, then it is no wonder that the psychiatrists are fumbling in the dark, as they themselves are Equally a part of the System that is causing a disease as my fathers. This can be exemplified through the cases of all those people and even children, who’ve sought help and therapy and instead are given medicine because it is cheaper than counseling or other forms of treatment. It has even been said that the amount of ADHD medicine prescribed for children is in perfect alignment with the increase in standardized tests in the U.S.

How will this Change with The Equal Money System?

With The Equal Money System, this will Change – because we Change our Starting-Point from the basic foundation of the Systems we’ve created to manage our Lives. As it is now, we’re fumbling in the dark, simply following the money wherever it moves with fear and desires as our lanterns. There is no Actual Care for Life in these Systems as shown in the case of my Father. One of the Basic Foundations of The Equal Money System IS exactly Care for Life in and as Equality – All Life. Furthermore: If the diseases are in fact Directly caused by the systems we’ve created, we will see how the slowly will disappear as people start Living instead of simply Surviving through Self-Suppression, Self-Medication and Addictions as examples.

Simply by taking Fear out of the Equation – we have Changed the entire foundation of the System. This we can do with The Equal Money System – Because it is based on the Principle of Common Sense: That what is Best for All, at a Physical and Practical level, is Best for the Individual too. So by deciding to Stand together Giving Everyone as Ourselves as each other an Equal Right to a Dignified Life without fearing for our Survival through the basic requirements firstly of shelter, clean water, food and education – We Are in Fact beginning the Process of Healing Ourselves and our societies from the Madness of Man that we’ve Abdicated Ourselves and our Lives.

Participate in Bringing about Real Change

Join the Equal Money Movement – Towards a Life of Equilibrium, Self-Expression and Self-Enjoyment.

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