It is becoming spring and as I was about to go to bed early in the morning I heard the first bird singing in months. There has always been something magical to me about spring because of the birds singing – an expression of romance, freedom, beauty and love. This morning I listened to the birds sing and at first I heard the romantic twitter of birds singing the world awake.

Then I Realized that it is the male birds that sing to attract the females in a competition of who can sing the loudest, will win and attract the best females.

This is the nature of survival – As a male bird you have to get up really early – it was not even light out – and then you have to find the tallest tree with a good branch and place yourself there and then you have to sing and sing and sing until hopefully, a female bird will hear you and mate with you. You have to do this every day morning and evening to survive, sing the most beautiful and melodic songs to make sure that the survival of your bloodline is ensured.

Birds singing might sound beautiful at first, as an expression of the beauty of the world – but it is in fact just another point of Enslavement to Survival, to competition, to sex and is as such not beautiful at all.

Imagine if the birds did not have to sing for their survival – Maybe some completely different sounds would be able to be explored and expressed…

And is it not exactly the same we as Humans Face?