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Recently the new Xbox 360 Kinect Kinectimals was released. The Kinectimals is a version of the new kincetics hype that is based on interaction similar to Wii and the new Playstation games. The product itself costs around 300 Euro or 400 dollars and the basic Principle of the game is that you get a virtual pet. As described by one blogger:

“Xbox 360 Kinect Kinectimals is designed for the entire family as a result kids as well as men and women will delight in building partnerships with exotic pets. If you or your children have always dreamed of having a tiger cub, then this particular game is right up your alley. You could listen to the Kinectimals purr with pleasure as you scratch him behind his ears; not an adventure you can expect to have in real life.”

So basically you get to play with a tiger as if it was real life, right at home in your living room, but without the risk of being killed or bitten by mosquito’s.

The blogger continues to describe how the game works:

“The game starts with the user adopting and then naming one of the different exotic animal friends, such as a tiger, cheetah, or lion. The Kinectimal will learn how to respond to the users tone of voice and commands. Eventually the Kinectimal learns to fetch, and will explore the on-screen island. Then there additional tricks to teach the Kinectimal for instance fetch, as well as other activities to participate in for example jump rope.”

Virtual Reality

What is striking is that these types of games that are becoming increasingly popular, where the plot is based on one not having to leave the comforts of ones living room and at the same time be able to play games that have a sense of connection, intimacy, relationship and “realness” about it. Obviously there are also those targeted for the adult players that will often be exercising games where one can play tennis or golf and become the image of one’s dreams

So basically one has all the pleasures and stimulation of a real life situation, without actually having to be Here. This brings associations to Science Fiction movies and novels such as Wall-E and Surrogates, where the virtual life has virtually taken over Living in the Physical.

So – Imagine for a moment if all the people who had purchased an Xbox and the Xbox Kinetics games would spend their money on for example making sure that the tigers don’t go extinct. Imagine the billions of dollars and resources that have been put into creating these games in the first place – All for What? For some human beings to make a buck and for others to buy a life of leisure in safe distance from everything that is Real. And meanwhile we are happily merchants of extinction of the Animals, the Earth and ourselves – but hey, we will always have Virtual Reality.

What could we do with 25 billion dollars?

In the first 60 days on the market, the Xbox Kincect broke the world record of being the “Fastest selling consumer electronics device” having sold devices for more that 25 billion dollars. The company had spend 500 million dollars on advertising alone – the slogan for the campaign appropriately being: You Are the Controller.

With 25 billion dollars we could change, if not the world, then at least feed the Starving for the next 10 years, while we figure out how to create a sustainable Solution so that no one will have to Starve ever again. Why create a virtual Reality, where there is a Real World Right Here. The sustainable Solutions have been created and invented. The scientists are skilled enough to create cars that can last 100 years. Meanwhile the headfund (pun intended) of Microsoft, the company that produces Xbox, Bill Gates is Promoted as the Angel of Mercy, a Modern day Mother Teresa of the Age of Knowledge, who supports the needy wherever he goes and stands as a beacon of charity and compassion.


What does this show about us Humanity? That we have become so warped into our imaginary bubbles of self-interest that we are shaping the world to fit our inner virtual Reality – Mind you that it is only a fraction of the world’s population that can even afford an Xbox. Surely there are also parents working two or three shifts only to be able to provide such a service for their precious young. Seriously humanity: Is this who we want to be?

Why do we rather live in a virtual reality?

People would rather live in a virtual reality, than fixing  what is Here. It is tough Facing what is Here as this World with 2 billion people living in grim Poverty and so by living in a virtual Reality, we can push the Real World away and pretend for a moment that it is not as bad as it looks. But it IS as bad as it looks – and starving children are not images in the newspaper – they are Real and their Suffering is Real.  We have gotten so used to seeing these images that we do not even consider that they are portraying Reality for millions of people in this World. We even believe that by being appalled, we have done at least something to state that this is unacceptable. But statements of intent are Lies if they are not Applied into Action. Principles only Apply if we Actually Live by them, not some of the time or when we want to, but in every moment of every Breath.

It feels safe and warm and comfy in there in the virtual realities of our minds and living rooms and often we don’t even realize the extend to which we will plan our lives according to fear. The fear of not surviving is not only for those who actually have to fear for their lives, who fear that they will not even be able to feed their child today or that they will be killed by soldiers if they go to the market. The reason behind purchasing and playing a game like Kinetics is also fear and so we can hide in our minds separate realities or even create virtual ones at a physical level. The only problem is that all bubbles burst eventually and so no matter how hard we try, we cannot keep Reality away and it will eventually creep up on us as thief in the night or when our fences are broken down by angry mobs, our houses burned down by forest fires or our water is contaminated to the point of poisoning and genetic mutation.

Citizens of Facebook – Unite

Measured in population, Facebook is currently the world’s largest country in the World. That means that we as citizens of Facebook have a Direct vote in this World, that is currently being wasted on virtual realities where all that matters is the next moments entertainment, and the next…  Why not join together and each of us decide for Ourselves that we would rather Live in the Real World and fix it so that we can Actually Enjoying being Here for Real.

Instead of spending 3oo Euro or 400 dollars on a virtual Reality that will only postpone the Moment of Facing what is Here – Join the Equal Money Movement and Start Participating Actively in Bringing about Real Change. Practivism is Activism with Common Sense Consideration of What is Best For All, at a Real, Practical and Physical Level. We have the skills, the resources, the money to Change the World – All we need is each other. That means – all we need is Ourselves. To Decide for Ourselves, each and every One – that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – TILL HERE NO FURTHER and that we would rather Live in a World where Tigers run Free, than to be looked up in a room petting imaginary friends.

Join the World Equality Process – The Equal Life Foundation where we work towards Creating an Equal Money System that guarantees Everyone an Equal Right to a Dignified Life with Clean Water, Food, Shelter and Education. Where no one has to Fear for their Survival or Live only to Survive.

Join the Re-Education of Ourselves from Organic Robots Living in Virtual Realities as Slaves to Fears and Personal Desires to Beings Standing up for Life, Equal and One, In Self-Honesty and Self-Respect.