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From the article “Corporations, Governments and Consumers – The Unholy Trinity of Inequality” in my column on The Sociology Journal on Sociology.com

Q – from Derrick:

What is the obligation of a corporation to the people of the world? I believe it to be a bit more than making a cheeseburger that half of the world can’t afford and that kills the half that can – – – at the expense of the most bio-diverse eco-system on the planet, the rainforest.

I would like to see a buyer caveat on products and services. If there is no legal way to nudge corporations towards philanthropy, then I want to at least see a sign in front of the mega-department-store pointing to the millions they gave in the recent election to anti-gay candidates. How can such massive entities move without a sound?

A – My Reply:

The corporations can move without a sound, because of a system of governance and consumption that we have all accepted as legit – It moves without sound, because We move without sound. Because the sounds we do make, are accusations, blame and acceptance of ourselves as powerless.

I have fought many battles in my life trying to beat the System, trying to get off the grid, to live sustainably – until I realized that the System is within me, that I am the System – That a poor man given the chance would do exactly the same as the rick guy, once getting his fingers into the cookie jar. That the System in which we have Accepted ourselves, is build on fear, competition and greed and that actually Living by Principles that Stands for What is Best for All Life requires a score to be settled with all and everything that we have ever done and been – that words are easy, but action not.

As shown by Raj Patal and others, the only political power the modern consumer-citizen has, is to chose between organic and regular products – And for many that is seemingly enough to make us sleep through the night. The problem is that responsibility is shifted between corporations, governments and consumers in a way where no one is held accountable, let alone holding themselves accountable and where half the world literally is left with the consequences of what we are collectively accepting and allowing in this world.

The solution is therefore not to simply stop buying certain products, and anyway that is most often done to keep one’s own hands clean, while not considering that choice comes with money and that money is what motivates all of us, because it has become synonym for survival, comfort, safety and happiness. When you are poor you do not have the luxury to go organic or vegetarian and thereby this choice is an elitist choice, that does not have an actual impact on the world as a whole.

A collective Stand is required, where each takes it upon themselves to be accountable for what we are participating within and as, as a collective – That is firstly done by researching what it actually is we are allowing, by removing the veil that lets us sleep through the night, by recognizing that we not only have the power, but that we are also using it, knowingly or unknowingly every time we shop, think, eat and breathe.

Next it is required that we Stand together to actually create the necessary changes – to realize that behind corporations and governments and money, are people just like ourselves, living for their own survival only, just like ourselves.

We’ve gotta move the System as the System, from within the System – We’ve gotta Stand by what we have created and Change it in fact, in practical, actual reality – into a world that we would want our children to be born into. Dreaming up some Utopian society, bashing the powers that be – that is easy. What is not easy, but what is also required is for us, each of us, one by one, to be the Change.

If your life, your thoughts, your actions represented One Vote, what is yours? Are we even able to answer that honestly? Or is the brutal facts of what we are Accepting in this World too hard to Face? Is there even a choice?

I am One Vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System – Where governance is about making the choices Always that considers what is Best for All, not as an idea or a philosophy but as a Common Sense, Physical Fact – Once we get there, it will be easy to see and do what is required to be done.

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