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The following Q and A is from an article I wrote on Morality and how it is impossible to be Good, due to the nature and construct of Polarity.

The Question was posted as reply to this article in my column on the Sociology Journal

Q – from Sergey:

“What is the motivation to be good? Some people try to be seemed perfect just for kind of superiority feeling, some ones blindly follow the conducts of their authorities, whether parents or church, or neighborhood. It is evident that for such people to become better is really hard. But there is another reason of being good. Those who have dedicated their lives to something great, I mean great service for humanity, or sincere efforts to realize the Supreme; those people are becoming great very soon themselves. If being good is not an ultimate goal, but just a method for something greater, than it is not so impossible task and not a big issue either.”

A – My reply:

The motivation to be good is the fear of going to hell – the fear of being punished by god. And yes it is also about the polarity between superior and inferior, same as good and bad or good and evil. It is however not simply “some people” who Participate in these polarities, but literally all of us. Even though the immediate authorities seems to be parents, the church or even friends- the ultimate authority is us, existing as a ball been thrown (or essentially throwing ourselves) between and as these polarities, of and as the Mind. To desire to be superior, we must first accept ourselves as inferior – to desire to be good, we accept ourselves as bad. By promoting “positive thinking”, were are consequently creating hate and judgment – that is the nature of polarities, constantly balancing themselves out. So – those people “who have dedicated their lives to something great, I mean great service for humanity”, are Equally Responsible in the creation of the World as it currently exist – as we currently exist, in Suffering, Abuse and Self-Deception. Looking back in the history of mankind, no such person has EVER made any significant difference in this world. This is in Fact – the epitome of Self-Deception. That we require to “aspire” – “to Ascend”, which literally means accepting ourselves as less attempting to become more than who and what we actually are Here, as who and what we have Accepted and Allowed ourselves to Exist in and as – and the consequential result for such people: is that they end on their ass. To say that “those people are becoming great very soon themselves.” – Reveals a starting-point of hope as Self-Deception within believing in a force, outside separate from us as “the Supreme” – that magically will Change us, for us – instead of us taking Self-Responsibility and Change Ourselves. We do not require “great service for humanity” – Humanity as it currently exists, is rotten to the core. We require to Face Ourselves, as All that is Here, in Self-Honesty and Common Sense Realizations, that Everything that is Here – is Who we are and that the World only exist the way it does, because we exist the way we’ve Accepted and Allowed Ourselves to Exist. We Actually have to Change – in Fact, from, within and as the madness and mayhem that we have become.

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