Currently I am Walking through a Process of Re-Alignment, of Self-Alignment, of and as Self-Correction. I see that what ‘Matters’ is ‘Who I am’ as I am Walking – and there are several points at the moment, which I have not ‘been able’ to Push-Through as quickly as I wanted to. Already There, right there is a ‘who’ that I have Allowed myself to be and become – either Pushing or Falling, Giving up or Fighting. This is not Necessary and it is certainly not Practical. I see that one of the Points that I have not been satisfied with my Application within and as Correcting, might take ‘a process’ before I have Pushed All the Way Through and is no longer Possessed by the Point. I see how this expecting myself to Walk Through Points in One Moment and Generating Guilt, Anger and Frustration when I do not, is not Practical at All. There is also within this a certain point of ‘Pride’ as Ego – in which I sort of ‘honor’ myself within the ‘ability’ to be hard on myself. That is also not Practical. Thus what I have found is that as I am Pushing through these Points and Correcting myself within them, I Focus on Bringing myself Back Here in and as The Physical. Because ‘anything/anyone’ that is not me Here, Participating Equal and One – is a point of possession of and as the Mind, as ego, as personality, as mind, as knowledge, as polarity, as energy – and it is NOT Practical and it is NOT what is Best for All. The two Points that I have experienced ‘difficulty’ towards Stopping has been the point of Addiction to getting energy in attention from others on the internet and the point of believing I must watch, rate, read, write, see, speak, not speak, work, work, work so fucking hard the whole time. It is NOT Practical – I am NOT Practical within it, as I drop things, bang physical parts into other physical parts, miss words as I am writing and listening to videos, trying to freaking catch up, do it all at once – I can literally see and hear within my words here how I am not Breathing. So I experience myself very much anxious/exited (Polarity with same energy) to PUSH PUSH PUSH – but within that ironically, I am NOT Here. Within that I am Ego, I am Mind, I am Possessed, I am Fear, I am Energy, I am Tension…. So: I Stop – I Slow myself down specifically, Physically, through Every Breath, Through Every touch, through every word and I Stabilize myself Here in and as The Physical. I am also working specifically with the Point of Standing Alone, which means not Projecting myself into the future/the past/the now as consciousness – but that I remain Here in Practicality with what is required to be done. I see this point of Superiority and Power creep up, in and under me, from which I believe I am ‘re-gaining strength’, while physically I have Actually experienced myself quite depleted and exhausted – as though I have been running a marathon or carried a fuckloads of bricks – which I have: myself – as who and what I have Allowed me to be and become. So what I Push for is Gentleness, Simplicity, Breath, Specificity, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Love – because the Ego cannot work with those and so I can work without the Ego. Thanks!