Self-Support using 4 Osho Zen Tarot points

  • Moment to Moment (Where I am standing)

I remain within the moment. I pull myself back from projecting myself into the future, the past, with other people and I remain within what I am doing in the moment in specificity. One Moment, One Breath at a time.

I am Aware of any thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical reactions – instead of suppressing, ignoring or Accepting them as the Directive Principle and Starting-Point of and as me

Allocate and Align my Starting-Point through Self-Honesty and Self-Forgiveness to Equality and Best for All

This one has specifically to do with how I have Allowed myself to time-loop into the Mind, Having Allowed the Mind to be the Directive Principle of and as me – and so through having engaged in this as an automated/’self-functioning’ mechanism – I have to Push for Clarity and Awareness within Every Moment and Align my Starting-Point to Consistency

  • Trust (The point of Support)

With regards to Self-Trust, what I saw was that I first of all have to Apply Self-Forgiveness – Forgive myself and release the emotions, guilt, feelings, thoughts that I have accumulated with regards to self-trust. Here what is important is that I Push myself to go to the utmost Self-Honesty possible within the moment and through Self-Forgiveness establish Consistency within Self-Trust. I cannot and Will not build this upon ideas, memories, experiences from and of the past whether that be ideals or points of ‘falling’ – What I can however utilize from the past to establish Self-Trust is that I have done this before – I know that I can capable and able of Walking myself to Self-Trust. I also realize a different point and that is that others often see me more clearly than I see myself, so when I for example chat with Viktor, Maya or the Resonances – they will speak to me in a way that invalidates my experience, definitions, acceptance about myself, they simply do not recognize it as Real and so that is why I experience that I become ‘more myself’ when I am with them (at least that is one point within it) – so this is why it is important to stay in contact with others, but also to utilize this Support to SEE for myself – that who I have believed myself to be is most often based on some diluted self-deception.

  • Patience (Diffusing ego that either goes energetically up or down)

Here it is important that I constantly and continuously check in with myself – am I moving on energy? Did I experience a rush of energy? Am I coming from a starting-point of wanting to ‘get it all done in a moment’? – this patience is very much linked to ego within how I have seen that I should be/could and not am – so it goes both ways. So this point of patience is specifically something that I apply within the moment-to-moment application, wherein I assure that my starting-point is aligned by slowing down and remaining within what I am doing.

  • Courage (the key)

The courage to Walk, to not look back, to Trust myself, to Stop myself as the mind as who and what I have Accepted and Allowed myself to exist in and as

The Courage to Face myself within all and everything that I have Accepted and Allowed myself to be and become – here Self-Forgiveness to actually Walk through and Correct myself and not remain within a reaction and judgment towards myself, wherein all I have done is allow myself to remain as who and what I have Accepted and Allowed myself to be and become. The Courage to Stand up, to Walk through Resistance and Fear and finally the Courage to Stand Alone. That my only reference-point is myself Here, Breathing.