My thighs and lower back has been extremely painful today as I have been working with this point. The more I have worked with it, the more the pain has increased. I just chatted with Viktor and I had to end the chat – because I am still not clear on all these points. So what it shows is that I have not fully worked through the point – which I was also aware of, but also that I have not stood Equal to the words I wrote today. This is now my mission for tomorrow – to Stand Equal to the words I write. To Support and Direct myself in Self-Honesty and Self-Responsibility – This is definitely a point with Cajones for me, so I have to be patient with myself. In the chat I experienced this immense fear of being abused and being powerless, because I believe that the other is tacitly correct. That is a point of self-abdication that I have also written about, which have been so prominent in my life-experiences that it seeps through – and now stands out in this Agreement-Experience. I will be back tomorrow