15 police officers, 2 burglars, 5 police cars and 2 police dogs – that was the setting last night of a drama playing out outside my window at 1.30 am. I witnessed two burglars being hunted down by fifteen cops. At the end, after the two had been captured by the dogs and later then officers, I heard one of the officers say about a statement one of the burglars had made that ‘That would be the first time I have heard a ‘Roma’ tell the truth. The Roma’s are a people with a culture, a history, a language (Romani) but no land. They are currently being hunted down and deported all over Western Europe and sent back to Romania or Albania or where ever they have been placed as having ‘nationality’. But the fact is that everywhere from Romania to Bulgaria to France and now Denmark, The Roma’s are considered unwelcome and apparently not protected by the same rights as all other European citizens, simply because they have no country to call their own and because they have be stigmatized as ‘ lawless criminals’ and ‘gypsies’. Now – I do not question that these people committed a crime. But the point is to look at who the real criminals are here – A country that can send fifteen officers out to a burglary with two burglars, should have the man-power to Solve the problems of the immigrants and their need for land and resources. But we don’t – because we believe that we have a right to protect what is ours – and do not take but a moment to look at the reason why these people are forces to commit crime. The Roma’s do not have a land to call their own – they might even prefer being nomads and because of that, they are considered lawless. We call it the ‘threat from the east’ that poor countries are now flooding our streets trying to find labor and a better life for their children – but because we are so scared to lose what we have, we refuse to share as much as a breadcrumb and the only way we can justify that (because we know in our gut that it is wrong) is by calling those unfortunates ‘criminals’. How much is our laws really worth, when the only way one can abide them (or work around them) is by having enough money?