Waiting for something to change is an implication of not taking Directive Action and thus giving the Responsibility of changing to an outside/separate source – We’ve given ‘The System’ (in all that that implies) the total Control, Power but also Responsibility over us and used that to justify why we are not taking action, both as a whole and within each one of us. Within the layers upon layers of Self-Deception and Abdicating Responsibility is also the perception of ‘charity’ and ‘being good’ – but for example within the point of the meat-industry, there are lots of complicated factors, for example that you might be able to stop eating meat because you have money, while someone else is forced to continue – or that eating meat is a fraction of the iceberg of Abuse towards animals that we have Accepted and Allowed through the System of Greed and profit. Thus, it is only by changing the System upon which we Support and manage ourselves; the money-system – that we are able Stop the Abuse, because the Abuse is manifested through the very abdication of ourselves to this exact System