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The following article is an analysis done by a freelance journalist who specializes in climate and development and it depicts clearly how the leaders of the world are incapable of taking the Responsibility they were elected to take and how they rather than being politicians with the citizen’s of Earth’s best interest at heart, seem more like vicious criminals on a ruthless killing spree.

Analysis by Jesper Heldgaard in Politikken news paper 06-May-10 pg. 8

Translated from Danish by Anna Brix Thomsen.

The development countries trust to the rich countries promises regarding the climate, suffered a serious break under the climate summit in Copenhagen in December 09. Now the question is if the trust can be reinstated towards the next summit in Mexico.

Disappointment and depletion was shown in the eyes of the experienced climate negotiator Quamrul Chowdhury from Bangladesh in December, when he summed up the COP15 and the Copenhagen Accord that was agreed upon during the recent climate summit in Copenhagen: ‘The people of Bangladesh had great expectations to COP15, but this is not a satisfying result’. And he said that in spite of the fact that Bangladesh actually was one of the 29 countries, that behind close doors took part in negotiating the Copenhagen Accord. But as he expressed it: ‘We are in the role of the recipient. We have to be satisfied with this Accord.’ Still the Danish Prime ministries concluded in an evaluation report, that so far has been kept secret from the public that: ‘The east states, the Africans and the least developed countries were generally satisfied with the agreement and ‘positive towards the Danish leadership’’. The evaluation report is frightening reading because it reveals a view of the world, soaked in ‘real politics’, where only the rich and powerful countries count and where the majority of small, poor and less powerful countries – have to adjust to what the few and powerful dictate. It does not get less frightening that even though the developmental countries clearly expressed that they were unsatisfied with the Copenhagen Accord, this is not acknowledged by the Danish Prime ministries.  One cannot help but wonder if the Danish Prime ministries were even present at the COP15.

It started off so good when Denmark based on a Danish initiative in 2007 was appointed host for the climate summit. Denmark sold itself as the country that would build bridge between the gap of distrust between the poor and the rich countries. And Denmark have made a impressive, although very public effort towards showing their support of the development countries and the NGO’s preparations towards participating in the summit. But now the national score is being settled after the downfall of the COP15 and the so far secret evaluation report is addressing some important perspectives: It illustrates that the Danish Prime ministries and other central players most important criteria for success for the COP15, was to get a political eatable agreement between the powerful countries, rather than contributing definitely to solving the worlds problems with Global warming. The last bit of trust that the poor countries in general have had to the rich countries promises, whether on the matter of financial support, a fair global trade or a global agreement regarding the climate, was undermined during the COP15 process.

It does not look well for the trust that is vital for the continuation of the negotiation, that Denmark so openly went for derailing the Kyoto protocol, which is the only agreement, where the rich countries (minus The United States of America) obligate themselves to concrete downsizing of the CO2 outlet. The evaluation made by the Danish Prime ministries confirms that this was the Danish strategy and that this again was about getting the central players, The United States of America and the four BASIC-countries, Brazil, China, India and South Africa into an agreement. The evaluation report admits that the developmental countries wanted to keep the Kyoto protocol’s binding obligations, and it describes openly how the Copenhagen Accord was almost knitted together specifically for the industrial countries and the four big development countries to wiggle their way out of the binding obligations, against the wishes of the great majority of the development countries. In other words, the evaluation report is almost a case of confession: The purpose of the Copenhagen Accord was and still is to undermine the Kyoto protocol, that for the development countries is so important that the African countries on the Monday of the second week of negotiations of COP15, literally boycotted the negotiations, because there were not scheduled meetings in the groups that negotiate the Kyoto protocol. A detail bypassed in the Danish Prime ministries report.  The report can in general be read as a sad confirmation of the fact that the negotiators at the big climate summits seem to exist in so different worlds that it prevents any joint solution. If it really is so, will the game for money to climate adjustment be the test of: The supporters of the Copenhagen Accord often refer to the fact that there in the content of the accord, was a concrete promise of 10 billion Danish kroner every year from 2010 to 2012 to climate adjustment in the development countries. The money has to come fast and they have to be ‘new and additional’, meaning that they shouldn’t be financed by the development support already promised by the rich countries. For the development countries, the financial development support, is not support at all but actually compensation. It is money that the development countries have a right to and a demand of as settlement for the consequences of the climate changes that the countries are already experiencing, based on the contribution of the rich countries to the enormous CO2 outlet. Even so, the goal of reaching 10 billion Danish kroner this year, is going very slow. A great deal of the money is being taken from the already promised development support and is thus called development support.  This includes the 1.2 billion Danish kroner that the Danish government announced the 28. April, as a part of a new Danish climate packet 2010-12.  But it takes more to reinstate the momentum that, before the COP15 gave hope to a historic climate agreement.

Perspectives by Anna Brix Thomsen –

It is clear that the rich countries have no intent of actually stopping the climate crisis –The only place the leaders of the world are leading us, is directly towards a Global disaster and eventually the demise and destruction of our world – They are so lost in their greed for power and money, that they are willing to compromise and sacrifice the future of Earth in any way possible. This has to be stopped. Since there is no way possible for the poor countries to be voiced as the global political summits are completely invalidated, it is up to the people of especially the rich countries to voice their discontent – However not as a plead to the leaders of the world, as they have clearly proven themselves incapable of actually acting for what is Best for All. Instead it is our Responsibility to create new political, environmental, social and financial Solutions that actually Support All of Earth as a whole and to Stand together within the principle of Common Sense – that what is Best for All, is essentially best for each individually. Since the leaders of the world, are no longer in a position to take this Responsibility, it is up to each of us as Global citizens to ensure that action is being taken to Stop the current accepted policies. A Solution is the creation of a Global Equal Life Party that take back the Responsibility and Authority of leading this world from the incompetent political and financial leaders, to create Solutions that not only deals with the climate crisis that is currently threatening all of our lives, but also with the inequality that is evident and pathologically proven with this example of the Copenhagen climate summit. We propose the implementation of an Equal Money System that ensures that every child born in this world has a right to food, shelter, clean water and especially education that is so important, if we are to prevent what is happening now, from ever happening again. Ironically it is also evident from the COP15 that the people with most Common Sense, that actually cares for the future of this world, are the people in the poor and underdeveloped countries, who are also the ones currently suffering the consequences of the spree of greed by the rich countries – that refuses to take responsibility and come up with Solutions. A psychological profile of the rich countries, as presented in this article, would, if they were a suspect in a crime investigation on one of the American crime tv-show’s, be that of a neurotic, narcissistic, pathological liar with self-destructive tendencies and the task would be clear:  to be stopped, before more damage is done and more innocent lives are being exploited.