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News report from an article in the Danish newspaper Politikken 05-May-2010 based on the research by an independent organization called subsidy.org on the agricultural support given by the European Union to farmers around Europe. In the research done in all the 27 European countries it is being revealed that the amount of checks given over more than 1 billon Euro has increased the last few years. These checks are specifically being given to big corporations in the dairy and sugar industries, which has been criticized as a way to keep the milk prices artificially high. Amongst those receiving this check are a Danish pool club, a Swedish Harmonica club and a Dutch ice skating club. Also the Danish Prince Joachim receives this support, even though he is also receiving a high salary for being prince of Denmark, by the Danish state and taxpayers. He owns a castle in the Southern Denmark, where he grows crops.
This is an outrageous example how companies and governments are merging to a point, where the two cannot be separated and it is the citizens of not only Europe, but of the whole world that is paying the price.
An Equality System with the foundation of Equal Money for All will prevent this from happening as it is based solely on the principle of what is Best for All.
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