We are Walking the Desteni of Life.

How are we doing this?

Each Walk Alone – Yet We Walk as One as Equal

Self-Honesty to See How we have Created ourselves – to Stand Self-Responsible for what we have Allowed – to Stop Abuse, Deception and Separation from what is Here, as who we are.

Self-Forgiveness to let go and release the Past so that the New can be born in every Breath

Self-Correction and Direction in Standing One and Equal to what we have Allowed and what we Will Accept ourselves to Exist as Here – and within this, Creating the Desteni of Life as All as One as Equal.

How is this done practically?

All the Material Shared by Desteni is public – this includes more than 1600 video interviews and 10.000 documents. All of which is being transcribed, translated, edited and published by volunteers.

The Structural Resonance Alignment Course is a practical tool within which facilitators and production crew have committed themselves to spend a minimum of 4 years dedicated to developing and offering this course. Within this, practical Support is given for each to Stand in Self-Support communicating with Substance, the physical body in releasing all patterns that is limiting and confining each within the mind to exist as knowledge and information, as the past in Separation, fear and self-interest – instead of Living and Expressing Directly Here in what is Common Sense and Best for All.

We Stand within and Support an Equal Money and labor System – as a Common Sense Solution to which each will have the opportunity of Actually Living and Expressing instead of Fighting and Fearing for Survival

Every single Being on this Planet is a part of this – it is the Desteni of the Universe – the Desteni of Life as All as One as Equal – to End Suffering, Abuse, Deception and Separation

Each will walk this Process Alone and within this we will Support each other

as we All Stand to not Allow anything less than what is Best for All Life Equal and One.

Join us at:

http://www.desteni.co.za – for support, videos, articles and discussions
http://www.desteni-money.net – for discussion on Equal Money and labour