There are no Human Beings in this world Who´s Life is not inhibited through money.

How we use money as a justification for accepting ourselves as unequal´s:

We justify “making more money” and gaining wealth through the belief that everyone has access to money and the opportunity to make money, when in fact each is subjected to the conditions they are born into. It is an infinite closed system of circular motion, where you can only gain more according to what you already have.

We accept ourselves as Separated parts less or more valuable than each other, and thus We use money through justification of Inequality in which every single person equally agrees to sustain the world as it is

Money as means to evade Death – That which we call Survival:

• Everyone wants to bargain with death – We believe we can buy ourselves to Life
• The whole idea is based on survival – the belief that with enough money we become immortal – that we can cheat and control Death.
• The ones that fear loosing the most, are willing to do whatever it takes, to sustain a level of survival that can maintain the illusion that we are not going to die, that everything is all right, that what ever is happening in the world, we will not be influenced or affiliated.

• Entertainment and Age-reduction is an example of a sophisticated way of surviving for the Elite in this world.

The greatest luxury in this world is the Illusion of freedom from consequence

• We have deluded ourselves to believe that we are beyond the consequences of our actions
• We trust that money creates freedom from karma, pain and suffering
• We justify ourselves within the illusion of comfort and safety, through the deliberate denial of who we are Here as All as One as Equal – that everything we do influence us all

The Excuses of not changing:

• “Me first – the rest later”.
• Ignorance is the only bliss there is
• “There is only so much I can do – I´m only Human”
• The belief that if each do a little bit to keep the Earth safe, we will be alright – not considering that the only solution lies in changing the way we exist all together
• We want the world to exist as it is, as long as we can still be Here and lead comfortable life´s – never mind that to do that, the rest of the world has to suffer and starve.
• “We’re already screwed, so why bother?”
• “Each is responsible for himself”, yet we do not consider that we are also responsible for creating conditions where not everyone are in a position to take responsibility
• The belief that money makes the world goes round – if you can’t beat them, join them.
• The belief that free will exists when free will is determined by how much money you have

Why this doesn’t work:

Money does not free you from being a slave of your fear.

You will die eventually no matter how much money you get or spend.
Even the richest people on Earth die alone.

Money as comfort in this perspective has become our prison of “personal safety”. The dark side of comfort (gained through ignorant exploitation of others) is annihilation, paranoia, guilt and depression – because we know we are living a lie.

All share the illusion that Money = Happiness. So when you have money and you’re not happy; you have a problem.

We refuse to see that our comfort and abundance is on the expense of someone else’s suffering
Those of us who have the most money and the highest standards of living are also those who are most responsible for the destruction of Earth.

The more you Consume the more Shit happens. Consumption = Pollution. Wealth = Waste of Life

The biggest secret we all have agreed to keep – is that we are doing this to ourselves

There is no Suffering or Abuse on Earth that is not influenced or Directly caused by our justification through money for existing in inequality.

There is no escaping the consequences of how we live. There is just One Earth – there is nothing more, nothing less. All we need is already here.

If we only have 100% between us that is unchangeable, as we for example only have One Earth to share, with a specific amount of resources available, it is clear that the people with the highest standard of living, as the ones spending the most energy are the most Responsible for example in terms of climate change based on Human influences, but also because those are the ones with most power in terms of money and knowledge and therefore the ones that actually can make the change.

Because we Exists as a whole – If One suffers, All Suffer

Equality is a fact of Life– One Earth – One World – One Life

By: Anna & Linda