The concept of old truths is something I discovered some years ago when reading a book.
I could see the truth in what I was reading, but from the perspective I had when I read it, it was no longer true. This put me in a dilemma, because how can something be a lie and true at the same time? Because time is in fact not linear as we see it, but rather quantum or multidimensional. So what is an old truth. It is a step on the way to the truth, that for some reason is needed for a person to be able to realize the truth.
If you are for example a Christian and believe firmly in God and then you come to the realization that you are God. The truth for me, would be the God does in fact not exist, but it is a step on the way to realize that you are all that is. So first you begin with the big lie, which is that God exists as something separate from you, then you realize the minor lie, which is that you, yourself is God. Here you take your direction of your own life back. Then you realize the truth, that God is a concept of a system and does in fact not exist.