The floating dream
In the dream I lost my house, it had simply been torn down or burnt or something. I was running around in panic, asking people to help me find a new house. Then I met some old friends and we went to a restaurant or hotel. There I felt very uncomfortable with seeing these boys in particular. At a point in the dream I was talking to to of the boys outside, and while we were talking I started to levitate or something like that. I held on to a door and started flowing up in the air, almost like a dance. It was the most wonderful feeling, and I remembered that it was not the first time I did this. I had just forgotten all about it. I closed my eyes and just went with the flow. Later we were inside again but I wanted to go out and float again. This time I checked my clothes, because I wanted to show the boys what I could do, I realized that my pants were all torn up and that my thighs and ass was showing and up top of that, I had pimples all over. Then I woke up

The prison dream

Last night I had a dream where I was going to prison for something I knew I did when I was younger. It was like the punishment finally came. There was not excuse and I started panicking about being locked up for a really long time. I thought about how it would be and discovered that the worst was that I would be trapped and had nowhere to go. I actually thought to myself that at least I would be able to go on the Desteni forum if there was internet, and spend my time with that.
Then the weirdest thing happened; On my way to the prison, I meet a man. He was this very nice young man, and for some reason we ended up kind of going on a date. I told him that I was going to prison, and I feared that he would not like me anymore when he found out, but instead he was just stable and kept talking to me. Then it was like the whole prison thing was not so bad, and in the end they chose to give me minimum sentence, where I was only suppose to be there maybe a couple of months instead of years.
I never had the actual prison experience in my dream, but when I woke up completely disorientated the dream had been so real, that waking up feels like a dream. In a way, I can still feel this man, feel his calm acceptance of me. Like he is a real person.
Can anyone give some perspective about this?

Due to the fact that I recently stopped smoking weed, I have begun to dream more and it is actually quite scary to me how vivid it is. I have not been able to remember my dreams for years. So to become more intimate with my dreams I will begin to write them down, or out so to speak.

The dream about the illusion of a supporting group

In the dream I was in some holiday resort in a south European country, you know the kind with skyscraper hotels and drunk people running around in the sunshine, quite a nightmare. In the dream I was not myself as in other dreams but rather watching it as a movie, focusing on the main character.
I was a part of a group of young people, mostly boys, having fun and running around this resort. I was very confused and kept loosing my bag everywhere. The group was very supportive but at some point I was looking for my bag and went into this bar. Here an older man seeming quite shady tried to get me to stay with him, kind of like a sugar daddy, but the group kept pulling me out.
I remember one scene very clearly from the dream. The group and I was in the water, and I started kissing with this one guy. He was handicapped in some way, being disabled or def or something. So the making out or kissing was very gentle and very intense. There were several scenes like that.
Later in the dream, I was again looking for my bag and the group went with me up to see the old man in his apartment. Going up the stairs, I suddenly see all these bags lying around, and when I turn around, the group is gone. I realize that the bags are mine, were mine all the time, and that the group was an illusion I created.
Then meeting with the old man is inevitable and I wake up, as from a dream within a dream…